Social Health

Amani Women's Shelter

The Amani House opened in 2006 with the intent of providing a place where women from AMPATH clinics might be housed after being thrown out by husbands after revealing their HIV status.  Often dependent children were cast out with the women. 

The initial plan was to house these families until a Social Worker found a place for them close to their home communities.  Upon departure each woman would receive a blanket, mattress, jiko (stove), cooking utensils, and dishes as well as rent for several months. Abandoned women discharged from the hospital were also taken to the Amani Shelter. 

Through the years, some women at Amani Shelter died, leaving dependent children older than five - the maximum age most children's home set for entry. Social Work and the Centre for Assault Recovery of Eldoret (CAR-E)find Amani Shelter a haven when a child's home is found unsafe or parents are unfit to care for him or her.  The number of children who now call the Amani House home is approximately twelve.  The Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) program pays for schooling at the Brook of Faith boarding school
for half of the children, but during holidays, the Amani House is their "home."  The other half are taught by a Sally
Test Paediatric Centre teacher half days.

The Facts:

  • About 20 women are cared for yearly at Amani Shelter.
  • An average of 20 children a year call Amani Shlter home during the year.
  • Two full-time caretakers and two guards oversee residents of Amani Shelter 24/7.
  • AMPATh provides free HIV care for the women and children who are HIV positive.

Your Support Can Provide:

  • $25 - Purchase meat supplements for meals for two weeks
  • $50 - Will buy a toy for each child
  • $100 - Will re-supply the Shelter with towels
  • $150 - Will re-supply the Shelter with sheets and bedding

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