Primary Care & Chronic Diseases

Primary Healthcare

primaryHealth.pngIn collaboration with the Ministries of Health of the Government of Kenya, AMPATH will deliver comprehensive primary healthcare to a target population of 500,000 people through 5 innovation sites. The project will emphasize delivery of an essential health care package at the community, dispensary, and health centres (levels 1, 2 and 3) and at ambulatory  clinics and chronic disease management clinics in hospitals (levels 4-6). Using a comprehensive, community-based approach, we will focus on improving the interface between the community and the health systems; providing ambulatory primary care; fostering maternal-child health, reproductive health, family planning, safe water initiatives; and controlling malaria, TB, and HIV across all life cycles in a coordinated manner at all levels of care. Key to success will be the implementation of a facility-based electronic medical record and information system that will enable AMPATH to register, identify, and locate every person in every community, and follow up persons at-risk for adverse health outcomes who do not seek care or who fail clinic appointments.

AMPATH's Primary Health Care program will serve as a resource to the Ministries of Health for innovation in the delivery of the Kenya Essential Package for Health, and for the development of cost-effective best practices for delivery of services, including the Government of Kenya's community strategy. Lessons that AMPATH has already learned from developing a system of HIV/AIDS control will be brought to bear on changing the health delivery system within AMPATH's catchment area into a system that can more effectively and efficiently deliver essential health care. This process, in turn, will generate additional lessons-learned that are applicable to bringing up Kenya's health delivery system.