Family Preservation Initiative (FPI)


FarmCommunity.pngThe Family Preservation Initiative (FPI) provides income-generating programs to help HIV positive patients and their families get back on their feet.

Providing anti-retroviral drugs and support for their safe administration is the core of HIV treatment, but much more is needed. The majority of patients cared for by AMPATH are among the poorest in the world. Many of our patients have lost their spouse. Though sick themselves and lacking basic human necessities, most patients remain the sole support for multiple vulnerable children. If these patients are to escape perpetual dependence on the donor community, comprehensive care must take on a whole new meaning and sense of urgency. Most of the patients presenting to Family Preservation Initiative (FPI) are single, widowed mothers, unable to pay their rent, feed their family adequately, or have serious domestic issues threatening the security of themselves and their families.

The goal of the Family Preservation Initiative is to give assistance without encouraging dependency by offering income-generating programs. Since its inception in 2003 FPI has had the mandate to turn around AMPATH clients' economic status targeting the most vulnerable. In seeking to impart economic sustainability to clients both in the rural and urban areas it has embraced the following mission: to provide avenues for poor HIV infected and affected households to achieve sustainable economic security, by increasing their skills, knowledge, productivity and improving quality of life.

FPI provides services in two key areas:

  1. Capacity building services
    • Programs under the capacity building arena include: business and agricultural training courses, business and agricultural consultancy, and access to loans & savings.
  2. Enterprise Development
    • Enterprises FPI actively develops and manages include: Imani Workshops (handicrafts), Cool Stream Restaurant, and Valley Orchards (Fruit Processing Business) & Green World Nursery (Fruit Tree Seedling Business.

Your Support Can Provide:

  • $25 - 50 passion fruit seedlings - a high value crop ideal for small land holders (who make up the majority of FPI clients)
  • $25 - 1 bag of CAN- fertilizer for corn (maize) farmers
  • $25 - Village banking box for a group who are involved in microfinance savings
  • $25 - 2 weeks stipend for 1 vulnerable client interning at Imani Workshops
  • $100 - will provide wages, training, and social support for one Imani Workshop workers for a six week period, thus providing a transition to self-sufficiency
  • $100 - will provide passion fruit seedlings as a loan for a quarter-acre, allowing a patient who owns a small plot of land to grow profitable crops and support his or her family.
  • $100 - 16 African leafy vegetable start-up packages for vulnerable clients.
  • $100 - A bicycle for a client who would like to do 'bodaboda' (bicycle) transport business as a source of income for his family.

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