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Mwangaza Scholarships

KenyanStudentsMicroscopes.pngThe Scholarship Program for Kenyan Medical Students began in 2000 with 12 scholars who had overwhelming financial needs.  Today AMPATH scholarships support almost 80 medical students as well as an additional 30 sudents on a parallel work-study program. This translates into roughly 30% of the Moi medical class receiving financial assistance from AMPATH.  Over the past decade, this program has made it possible for many bright, impoverished students to complete their medical education.  This program represents the most cost-effective means of training students to be physicians who will stay in Kenya and provide medical care to its citizens.

The Facts

  • Scholarships cost $750 per year which pays for tuition, fees and housing.  A Named Scholarship costs $15,000 and continues in the donor's name in perpetuity.
  • Donors are encouraged to make multiple-year commitments, so continuity of support for the student can be maintained.
  • Students receive loans from the Kenyan Government which covers their food and personal needs.
  • Fifty (50) students receive scholarship support out of a medical class of over 350 students. There are an equal number of desperate-need students who need financial assistance to complete their medical education.

Your Support Can Provide:

  • $25 - Medical school supplies for a Kenyan medical student, such as the valuable white coat which is required
  • $100 - Stethoscope for a Kenyan medical student-this simple equipment is extremely valued in Kenya
  • $100 - Work study stipend for a semester for a Kenyan medical student needing funds for tuition and living expenses

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