What Others Say About AMPATH

Nominated multiple times for the Nobel Peace Prize; featured in The Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, BBC and other international media.


"Of all the HIV/AIDS programs that have received funding from The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) none has been more effective than AMPATH.  Its focus on training Kenyans to treat Kenyans is extraordinarily enlightened in its potential for genuine sustainability."

-Randall L. Tobias, Former United States Ambassador and Founding United States Global AIDS Coordinator


"It takes money to lessen poverty, food to lessen hunger, medicines to lessen deaths from AIDS, operating suites to address obstructed labor, and so on.  But it also takes passion and, above all, vision, and that is what the leaders of this program allow to flourish and encourage in others."

-Dr. Paul Farmer, Founding Director, Partners in Health


"This Indiana-Moi partnership is a model for how to tackle the huge challenges of HIV/AIDS and poverty in general, and one of the most inspiring examples of humanitarian partnership I have ever seen."

-James Morris, Former Executive Director, United Nations World Food Programme


"AMPATH goes far beyond providing 'just' healthcare - strengthening livelihoods and also working with the local community to take away some of the shame and stigma associated with HIV/AIDS."

-George McGovern, Former U.S. Senator from South Dakota


"The people working on this program are public health heroes.  They are doing things that many people thought could never be done, and it is going to have a huge multiplier effect."

-Dr. Tim Evans, Former Director of Health Equity for the Rockefeller Foundation