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Moi University School of Medicine

The Moi University School of Medicine was started as the second medical school in Kenya in 1988 and admitted the first intake of medical students in 1990. The first group of doctors graduated in 1997. The mission of MUSM is to contribute to knowledge and to produce graduates with practical and intellectual skills appropriate to the needs of present and future Kenyan society. MUSM strives to ensure that the students acquire such skills using modalities that encourage active learning in the context in which they will later function as health professionals. The philosophy of the School entails training a health professional in the context - the community - in which he/she will later practice. MUSM emphasizes not only curative, hospital-based medicine but also, through its community oriented approach, prevention of diseases and promotion of good health.

MUSM medical students often work alongside their North American counterparts, both in Kenya and in the North American institutions many are able to visit for training.