Living Story

Ronald Kegoli

Ronald KegoliAs I stepped out of my car, I was greeted by Ronald Kegoli. He put out his hand and the first words out of his mouth were "November 6th 2004". He reminded me that it was on that day he found the courage to come to see me at the Turbo AMPATH clinic. At the time he was without hope. His wife had died from HIV and he lacked the strength or resources to care for himself or his children. With nothing left, he and the children were forced to move in with his sister. The sister was hesitant to have this "new burden" added to her life.

I have seen this many times over---loss of spouse; loss of resources; loss of hope. As our drugs began to do their magic, Ronald was living proof that drugs alone are not enough. It was then that Benjamin and his staff from FPI came to the rescue. He convinced the sister that she should share a part of her farm with Ronald so he could join a new cooperative FPI (Family Preservation Initiative) was starting. He had gathered a group of 20 of our farming patients to turn their attention to raising passion fruit. The sister not only finally agreed but when we pulled up she was busy working with Ronald on his passion fruit farm (as seen in background of photo).

Ronald is finally well again---really well. He has his health, his independence and hope again. He cares for his farm with the love it deserves.