Living Story

Anna Andavuki

Anna AndavukiI come from Kakmega - Vihiga area in Western Region of Kenya.  The place is humid and fertile; the region is highly populated and each family owns a small piece of shamba.  Most people till on their 'shambas' (farm) which are barely enough to provide food all year round.

One of my life changing moments at Moi University occurred when I was awarded the Mwangaza Scholarship.  I was so happy!!  This is because I was really struggling with my fees and upkeep.  Here at medical school life is expensive; there are books to be bought, fees to be paid; accommodation and upkeep.  Initially this was so tough for me; since my parents were completely not in a position to pay. 

With the scholarship I can now pay for most of my needs and above everything else, I stay in school peacefully doing my studies. I am most grateful to the Indiana University and our donors for shining such a bright light along my path of academic excellence.  I am and will always be indebted to such generous donors.

This scholarship has changed my general outlook toward life.  I am now working so hard and it's a resolution I have made within myself; to be a donor also some day.  I just work hard to ensure that I be the best doctor that I can ever be and return my services back to humanity with an open mind.  Here in Kenya, people still need to do a lot to improve the living standards and health care and my future dream is to participate fully here in Kenya and also globally.  I want to be the best doctor that I can ever be; filled with knowledge but also compassion and empathy for my patients and clients.

Lastly I wish to pass my sincere gratitude to all those who have in any way played a role in ensuring that I am here in school and happy.  I sincerely hope that you will shine a light and bring a blessing on other students like you have done in my life.  Thank you!  Asante sana na Mungu awabariki!  (That's Swahili for God bless!)

To learn more about the Mwangaza Scholarship Program or to make an investment in the lives of Kenyan medical students, please contact:Tal Bosin, Ph.D, Scholarship Coordinator.
PHONE: (812) 855-3035