Only two weeks left!

Life here has become more routine, but also relaxed, over the last two weeks, since we have transitioned to working on our research projects. I get to design my own schedule and am enjoying the flexibility and my days here so very much. I'm not sure how researchers do this on a regular basis, but I am quite enjoying the freedom to self-discipline. Is that paradoxical?

This past week did have quite a few highlights though-this past weekend, we went to Masai Mara National Reserve-a safari! We spent three days on the reserve seeing so many different animals, including elephants, lions, more wildebeest than you can imagine, a leopard, two cheetahs, jackals, vultures, hippos, crocodiles, and zebras!


The 7 of us with our safari driver Moseti after lunch on the reserve! 

We also celebrated 4th of July with cookout food, sparklers, and a few renditions of different patriotic songs. Astrid, head of the OB-GYN department here, gave the toast with some beautiful words about USAID providing funding for AMPATH, which gave a different meaning to 4th of July and the impact that the US has on the world.

It was also my birthday a few days ago and my fellow Slemendas surprised me with a cake and ice cream! 




Things at IU House are winding down as everyone is starting to leave before the election. It's really hard to believe we only have two weeks left here!


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