The Bright Future of Healthcare in Kenya

Our entire program in Kenya is built on a partnership between Indiana University School of Medicine and Moi University School of Medicine. On the educational side of this partnership, we train up physicians in both Kenya and North America who are prepared to tackle global health challenges.


One lovely tradition in the training of Kenya's next generation of physicians is a ceremony in which all of the medical students are given their first stethoscope before they begin their clinical rotations. A long-time faculty member at Indiana University, Dr. Anginieta Biegel, provided this thoughtful gift to the students and endowed a program to sustain this gift after her death in 2008.


This ceremony is organized by the wonderful Tal and Betsy Bosin.  Tal is a retired IU professor who teaches pharmacology to the Moi medical students every year, just as he did at IU for many years. Together, he and Betsy also manage the scholarship program that enables Kenyan students from poor backgrounds to be able to become doctors. If you want to change the face of healthcare in Kenya, give poor, brilliant kids the opportunity to become doctors.  Amazing.


This Stethoscope Ceremony is a special milestone for the medical students. Each one has their name read aloud, they receive their stethoscope from a clinical faculty member, they are congratulated by Dean of the Moi University School of Medicine and the Principal of the College of Health Sciences, and then they recite together their medical vows. The students beamed with pride after being given their stethoscopes, with the hope that each "would care for those we do not know."



Seeing the bright and beautiful faces of Kenya's next generation of doctors is such a delight. My heart fills with joy to see all the hope and promise for this country's health care system in the faces of these wonderful students.





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