The Voices of Our Children

This video debuted at the special pediatric section of our International AIDS Society meeting. I loved it because these voices of children growing up with HIV all around the world sound just like the voices of my youth in Kenya. The same challenges and difficulties. The same hopes and dreams. The film captures them so well. These are the same words they share with me in our clinics in Kenya.


I also chair the pediatric group for the largest international consortium of HIV care programs (IeDEA), and the professionals working with HIV-infected children and adolescents from all regions of the world agreed: Listen to the voices of our children. They are beautiful.


[[OK - because this website thwarts my every creative attempt, I still cannot make it embed videos in my posts. Agony and frustration. Please click to the link below to listen to my kids...]]


Listen to what it means to young people living with HIV from around the world, and to their future.


I cannot wait to show this to our youth in Kenya.

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