The highlight of the week here in Kenya was holding "a team-building" for my study team. ("Team-building" is used as a noun here.) My study coordinators organized a day-long event for our personnel from 8 different clinics across western Kenya, some of which are at least a three-hour drive away. Our study evaluating disclosure of HIV status to children has been in place for almost one year, and we are also transitioning to involve a new North American field coordinator. It was a good time for everyone to come together.

Lots of "snaps" were taken
Games with potatoes
In our team "Indiana University Children's Health Services Research" t-shirts

Looking around this group of talented, laughing individuals, I was humbled to think about what they are accomplishing. Together, they follow hundreds of families with children with HIV, assessing how the families are doing clinically, emotionally, and socially. In the past year, we have recruited all of these families at 8 different clinics; developed new materials to help with disclosure counseling; started counseling individual parents, guardians, and children; and instituted group counseling sessions for children who have learned about their status. So much good work!


We gathered at a riverside resort a little bit outside of Eldoret. The team-building featured lots of games and a goat roast (nyama choma) for the entire crew. We actually purchased the goat in town and sent it to the site early that morning by motorbike to be prepared for our feast. Certainly, not every day in Kenya is fun and games, but this one came close.

Our lovely site.
Our lovely site.
The North American members of my team - my pediatric research scholar for the year (Amy), my out-going field coordinator (Colin), and my newly arrived field coordinator (Carole)
These ladies have been running my research studies for 6 years now.
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