Off to Kenya

A little update (from an airport, as usual)...

My team was successfully evacuated from Kenya back to the US this weekend, and now I am headed into Kenya. Things in the country continue to be tense in the midst of a very harsh government response to the Somali community and increased risk for retaliatory and terrorist responses. Nonetheless, the hospital is open to us again and, as always, there are patients to be seen.


I work to build a healthcare system that provides the best HIV care possible for children and families in poor places. Sometimes, those are places with more conflict and risk. And, I know (because we have done the studies) that times of conflict hurt the HIV care our kids receive. So, that's why I am headed in. I want us to keep providing the best care we can.

I may not be able to go to the grocery store or out at night, but I do hope to get to my clinics in rural places. These clinics each see 80-100 children a day, supporting families in the challenge of giving children HIV medicines and treating their infections in the midst of all the other issues going on around them.

In our care system in Kenya, it seems to make a difference if I go to the clinics -- to supervise the quality of HIV care, to troubleshoot issues and to encourage the other clinicians that we really can provide good HIV care for children. I am privileged to have that job, and so back I go to my healthcare system and my children in Kenya.


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