Beautiful Game

I am headed across the continents, but not -- sadly -- to fabulous Brazil and the World Cup. Instead, I am headed to my usual locations in East Africa.

Nonetheless, I had the chance to watch my favored Dutchmen exact some revenge for the tragic loss in the last World Cup, defeating Spain by a dramatic 5 to 1. I was the only person at the hospital yesterday dressed to represent Oranje.


After watching most of the game surrounded by men rooting for Spain, I was delighted to be joined by another Dutch Rachel, proudly sporting her oranje as well. A happy day for the Nederlanders.

Dutch fans_WC_oranje

In coordination with the World Cup, UNAIDS (the United Nations organization devoted to AIDS) released a campaign devoted to "Protect the Goal" and raise awareness about HIV.  I loved it that the official van Persie Twitter channel (@Persie_Official) was tweeting about the UNAIDS campaign in the midst of van Persie's amazing performance yesterday.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 1.21.43 PM

UNAIDS has a series of videos with players encouraging people to get tested for HIV and to use condoms. Great! So, in the midst of the excitement of the World Cup, I will be working on this team:


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