Kenyans are waiting to learn the results of their votes in the presidential election on Monday. Who will be president, whether there will need to be a second run-off election, whether the country will remain calm and peaceful or whether there will be conflict… the country waits.  The electronic system meant to help with the counting of votes has broken down completely, and it is a slow wait for the ballots to be counted for hand now. Accusations about the fairness of the process are now growing, and tensions seem to rise with each passing hour. They might announce the verdict tomorrow, and we wait tensely to see what will happen. I do not like this wait.

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Dinner with a medical student friend reminds me of another time of waiting - waiting for the results of THE Match. Medical students around the country wait for next week Thursday, when they will learn where they will be doing their residency training for the next 3 to 5 years. It's a strange process where you put your ranked preferences into a computer and the residency programs put their preferences in, and then on this one day you get an envelope with the verdict for where you will move in July to complete this critical training. It is a big, big day in the life of a soon-t0-be doctor. More waiting.

I wait along with my Kenyan friends and colleagues. I wait along with my students. And I have my own waitings of various magnitudes, including the giant one for an adoption that might still be years away from completion. One small wait did come to an end today; my passport, which had to be sent forth to the bowels of the U.S. Passport Authority, returned to me with an abundance of new pages so that I can keep filling it up with the marks of adventures. So, I'll take the end to that wait and continue to look forward with hope to the other waits about to reach completion.


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