Morning To-Do List, Non-Work-Related

  • Bask in bliss of first warm shower in 7 days. Strike that: Attempt to warm hands and feet after another freezing-cold shower.
  • Practice gratitude for running water.
  • Apply hydrocortisone cream to eleven mosquito bites sustained during night.
  • Take malaria prophylaxis.
  • Curse wiliness of mosquitoes. Strike that: Practice gratitude for malaria prophylaxis.
  • Identify foul, biting insects identified in bedsheets on two occasions in middle of night. Convince self that said-creatures are not bed bugs.
  • Avoid accidentally stepping on giant grasshoppers invading house.
  • Related, start wearing socks around house.
  • Investigate whether giant grasshopper invasion of house could be subverted for good to combat mosquito invasion specific to my bedroom.
  • Attempt to remove laundry from clothesline before 3rd day of rain-soaking.
  • Look up how to remove lizard poop stains from clothing.
  • Explore whether diversion of lizard from clothesline perch would be more effective against mosquito invasion than swarm of giant grasshoppers.
  • Double-check whether lizard vs. giant grasshopper green zombie apocalypse has ever been documented in living situation. Also check whether any mosquitoes survived.
  • Practice gratitude that snake, rat, bat, and slug invasions are all behind us.
  • Learn how to make oatmeal without electricity. Strike that: Eat delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookie delivered by friend.
  • Jumpstart housemate's car without creating fiery inferno.
  • Related, figure out how to determine which pole of car battery is which without any red/black or +/- markings.
  • Practice gratitude for my functional car and for avoidance of death.
  • Drive to hospital.

Morning To-Do List, Work-Related


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