Kenya Gala

"Building friendships, Brightening futures."

The theme for our 2013 Kenya Gala highlights two of the best things about our global health partnership in Kenya -- in the midst of changing the futures of hundred of thousands of families in Kenya, we also get to make friends who feel like family.

We host this big Gala once every three years as an opportunity to bring together all the many people from around the United States, Canada, and Kenya who work together in the AMPATH partnership or have participated with our programs in Kenya in various ways. Needless to say, this week of hosting colleagues meant a whirlwind of responsibilities, with constant meetings and social functions for many days straight.

AMPATH gala 2013

The Kenya Gala itself was a delight - a big, warm, welcoming dinner for a family of about 1,000. Perhaps the most special part of the evening was seeing Joe Mamlin, one of the founders of our global health partnership and visionary builder of clinical care systems around the world, receive the President's Medal for Excellence from Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie.

Dr. Mamlin immediately called his wife of 55 years, Sarah Ellen Mamlin, up to stand by his side. For all of Wednesday and Thursday, I traveled from Indianapolis to Nairobi with the Mamlins, and I commented to them how special it was that he made sure they were together up there on the stage.


"We are not two people," Joe said. "We are one." Such a great tribute to a long marriage and partnership.

A few photos from the Gala...

Astrid (OB/gyn doctor extraordinaire), Michael (my research associate upon whom I utterly rely), me, Carole (my research assistant). Aka, Astrid + Rachel's American team.
Cleophas and Elizabeth, leaders of AMPATH's Orphans and Vulnerable Children program.
My best friend, Elizabeth, celebrating the occasion with me.
My loving and supportive parents also came from Michigan for the Gala.
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