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I went into pediatrics because I wanted to improve the health of the world's poorest children. Once I became a pediatrician and health services researcher, I joined the faculty at Indiana University because IU's long-term partnership in Kenya offers a unique opportunity to figure out how we can best provide care for children in poor places who are living with HIV.

Over the last few days in Eldoret, we have enjoyed the privilege of hosting Indiana University president, Michael McRobbie, his wife, and a number of leaders from IU and IUPUI. It has been an exciting blur of events to show them first-hand the work that Indiana University leads in Kenya and how our partnership here provides a model for healthcare innovation around the world.


IU President McRobbie at the celebration launching the Kenya chapter of the Indiana University Alumni Association.


I got to show the delegation through our pediatric HIV clinic in Eldoret and to visit with them through a number of meals and events. (They even wrote about it on the IU Goes to Africa blog!)

Explaining what it looks like for families to live with HIV in Kenya and how we are trying to help families with those challenges always makes me excited. My high level of enthusiasm almost seems dorky, but I love what I do and it's been really fun to share that with some of the people who make this program possible.

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