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I am a pediatrician who works in global health because I wanted to give kids in poor places a chance to change their lives' stories. One of the things I love about my work in Kenya is that I get to dream up new ideas for how we might provide the best care possible for children with HIV.

My team has been tackling the challenge of helping families through the complicated process of telling growing-up children that they were born with HIV. Parents worry about how to tell their children they have HIV from the moment they hear the child's diagnosis through the years when the child starts to ask more and more questions.


One of our ideas for helping parents with disclosing the child's HIV status was to share stories with them - stories of other parents who are struggling with the same worries, stories of caregivers who have gone through the process of telling their child, stories of children who are coping with the diagnosis. The idea is that hearing and talking about others' stories would help them through this part of their child's story. We call it the "HADITHI" project -- "Hadithi" means "story" in Swahili and also stands for Helping AMPATH Disclose Information and Talk about HIV Infections."

With the help of the very talented C. Thomas Lewis, we filmed these beautiful videos in Kenya, using actors and based on the stories of our patients. Now that they have English subtitles for those of you who don't speak Swahili, I'm excited to start sharing them with the world. We are already using them with families across western Kenya!

Here is Linda. Linda's son is HIV positive and doesn't yet know why he takes medications.  As her son grows older, Linda has a lot of worries and questions about how to talk with her son about his illness.

View Linda's video here: http://vimeo.com/69858189


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