Gratitude: A moment of Sunday thanks

Taking a moment to express gratitude for these things that have blessed me today:

My new car. This lovely, sturdy vehicle (which may henceforth be known as the Blue Beast) was purchased through a gift to my pediatric HIV care and research program. The intent was for this car to make it possible to connect me and my team with our network of 65 clinics spread across western Kenya and to grow my work improving the HIV care system for the children of Kenya. I could not be happier with a car that I can rely on to carry me and my team across the bush to our farthest clinics and to patients homes, many of which are in places where the roads are non-existent. Plus, it's super-fun to drive.



The Market. Even though my lack of cooking skills is the stuff of legends, I love buying a cardboard box-full of fresh fruits and vegetables at the market. The colorful piles of fruit, the hanging displays, the smell of the ripe produce, and even the haggling over the best pieces and prices all make me smile. And I'm very pleased to fill my giant fruit basket for under $20.


The fields. So thankful am I for these golden fields across which I have walked and ran hundreds of times over the past 7 years. Their grasses absorb the pains of the day, the golden light softens my over-working mind, and the vast blue sky opens my heart again to the possibility of wonder and something more.



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