Giving Tuesday

On this spinning globe, there are 3.3 million children living with HIV right now. Today. 3.3 million children. 90% of them live in sub-Saharan Africa. My work in Kenya focuses on how we can improve medical care for HIV-infected children in Kenya and in the world's other poorest places.

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With the right combination of medicines, taken every single day, children with HIV can not only survive, but thrive into adulthood. It's my goal to help thousands of families meet that challenge. I have the great privilege of working with the AMPATH partnership, a collaboration between North American medical schools and a Kenyan medical school that currently cares for over 150,000 people living with HIV in western Kenya.

For these children and adults, the care that AMPATH provides means life. I say that in all seriousness as a scientist and myth-buster. Without the AMPATH program, thousands of lives would be lost. If you want to learn more about what AMPATH is all about, we have a great new program video available with just one click.

If we are going to help the world's 3.3 million HIV-infected children grow into the teachers and scientists and world-changers of tomorrow, we need to make sure that they have access to HIV medicines and that we address the long-term challenges of taking these medicines.

Consider supporting AMPATH on this Giving Tuesday. You can help families in poor places stay alive -- and you can help us learn how to give more children more birthdays.


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