You Wouldn't Know Her


"She is so beautiful! You wouldn't know her!" the clinical officer exclaimed as she saw the adorable, smiling 4 year old girl. The clinical officer meant that the best possible transformation had occurred; this little girl is now so healthy and big and strong that you would never recognize her as the malnourished, abandoned toddler who first came to the clinic. The little girl's parents both died from HIV, leaving her in the care of an indifferent grandmother with an alcohol addiction.  Eventually, the little girl was essentially left on her own, foraging and begging for scraps of food on the outskirts of the village and living in the forest.

Judging from the clinic notes, she first came in as a tiny, skeletal toddler, covered in a terrible rash.  Now, the first thing you notice is her beautiful smile. She is a gorgeous, healthy girl in a red flowered skirt, flourishing with her HIV medicines and good care at a local children's home. She is going to preschool (the baby class, they call it here) and starting to learn her ABCs.

"A resurrection," said the clinical officer. "A miracle."

The AMPATH HIV clinic in Turbo, Kenya used work these miracles from one small exam room within the Ministry of Health's cramped health clinic. Today, the AMPATH HIV clinic has its own building, with 4 exam rooms, its own pharmacy, and offices for nutrition support, social work, drawing blood, and even mental health care. They care for over 1,100 children with HIV. Including a beautiful, miraculous orphan in a red skirt.

Working on planning more miracles for Turbo today.

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