Today marked an exciting day for my work in Kenya - I got a car! After 6 years of piecing together transportation to get myself and my teams all across the western half of this country (often with great difficulty), I was able to purchase a car for our newest project. Hooray!


I am launching a project all about HIV disclosure to children - guiding families through the difficult process of telling their children that they were born infected with HIV. We are putting counselors in place and following families through this process for 2 years at 8 different HIV clinics across Kenya. The clinics are quite spread out, with two of them requiring a 3-hour drive from Eldoret (in different directions), and so this car is crucial to our ability to coordinate the counselors and research personnel and care for families at these 8 different clinics.

I had actually not laid eyes on this car before today; it was purchased through the scouting of our transportation director in Nairobi. It's 8 years old, but in great shape and very nice. Our whole team (me included) is amazed by its luxury.

I'm so thankful today for this great car to help us figure out how to take better care of families with children with HIV. Happy day.

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