One of the things I love the most about being on faculty at a medical school is the opportunity for teaching. I am preparing for a week with lots of teaching - a lecture for masters students in the International Research Ethics program, a course on qualitative research for fellows and junior faculty studying clinical research, several meetings with trainees for whom I am supervising projects, a talk on medical myths... I have the opportunity to teach such a diversity of students - MPH students, medical students, pediatric residents and fellows, other faculty members. Fun.

My favorite kind of teaching happens in the clinics in Kenya. I often have students, interns, or residents with me, either working with me as I see patients and thereby learning about the care of children or delving into our clinical research projects.

One of the great highlights of my last month in Kenya was having an outstanding pediatric resident spending an elective month learning about what pediatric global health research really looks like. Her enthusiasm, intelligence, organizational mastery, and quick integration with our cross-cultural team were all a delight.


I think she could replace me tomorrow if I were to be gored by a bush buffalo or something. (The second closest I've come to dying in Kenya. I will have to tell that story here some time.) I kept trying to convince her that she didn't really need to return to finish her pediatric specialty training…


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