Shells Beach


In the midst of many hours of work and the countless complications of trying to get anything done in a resource-limited setting, I like to collect the things that make me smile, like I would collect a few shells on the beach. I take a moment to pick them up and to stash them away in the pocket of my heart. Today's shells:


  • A trip into downtown Eldoret reveals all sorts of options available to you, right on the sidewalk. Want to purchase new underwear? Weigh yourself on a scale for a small fee? Have your shoes shined or repaired? Buy some tomatoes or greens or dried fish?  You could do any of these things right on the street.
  • One of my friends (a fellow pediatrician) made a home visit to one of my HIV-infected study patients. I was delighted to hear that this patient very eagerly and spontaneously told the other doctor all about how well she was taking her medicines and how proud I would be of her good adherence. She even showed my friend the special electronic cap that records whenever she opens the medicine bottle and talked about how it had changed her adherence entirely.  Love it.
  • A broken system means SO MANY frustrations. Over one hundred texts, dozens of calls, evening trips to the hospital, offering supplemental funds out of my pocket‚Ķ all to get a sick newborn the medicine that is needed to make sure he does OK. The shell that makes me smile in the midst of this? The baby is looking much better. Worth the hours of time.
  • I have the best team in the world. The students and residents and staff that I have working for me amaze me daily. They are so talented and smart and hard-working. I have been immersed in a nightmare of paper revisions, working day and night this weekend, and my global health scholar has been working as hard as me, helping at every step. So great.
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