I love new ideas. It's one of the reasons that I'm a researcher and not just a normal pediatrician. I love coming up with new ideas for how we can make things work better to care for kids - especially sick kids in poor places. I especially love great, big ideas.

I Have An Idea Tshirt

I have this t-shirt. Love it.


Just as fun as coming up with a new idea is seeing that new idea become reality.  Over the last few weeks, we have been making great strides to turning into reality our ideas for how to help families through the process of telling kids about their HIV infections. We want to put in place a new system of care in the HIV clinics that will better support children through their transition through adolescence and into adulthood.

Girls Holding Hands

I think of our work in Kenya as holding families' hands as they make the journey with their children from infancy to adulthood.


For 8 of our pediatric clinics, my ideas for helping families through the process of HIV disclosure are becoming real. I have been visiting clinics around the Kenyan countryside and preparing the clinic personnel for having new assessments for children and new people in place to help counsel families through this challenge. Tomorrow and Friday, we are doing interviews to hire most of the people who are going to make this process happen - counselors and nurses and research assistants who will be following families over the course of two years and helping them talk openly to their children about HIV. Very exciting.

Here's to the success of new ideas to help kids!


One of our clinics where the new project is starting -- it's made from shipping containers, but provides a good work space.

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