What does back-to-school mean to you? Backpacks, school supplies, a new teacher, a fresh start...

For children who live on the streets, getting into school and staying in school are a special kind of dream. The kind of dream they barely dare to hope for in the midst of grinding life on the streets.

The Tumaini Children's Drop-In Center in Eldoret, Kenya is one organization (a good one) helping to make those back-to-school dreams come true. "Tumaini" means "hope" in Kiswahili, and they are trying to bring hope.  What does this look like for street kids in western Kenya? Have a look...  

$100 can put a child in Kenya in school for an entire year. Tumaini is engaged in their first ever back-to-school campaign to put street children back into school. Join them today. Give a street kid the kind of hope that lasts a lifetime.

(PS - If you want a more academic look at what life as a street kid looks like in western Kenya, our group of researchers just published this paper about substance use among street children there. Not surprisingly, there is lots of sniffing of glue -- cheap, available in stores, and it dulls your hunger and pain of all varieties. All the more reason we need places like Tumaini!)


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