Celebrating Miracles

Guess who has graduated from kindergarten? This precious girl.

Flovia _kindergarten _Oct 2012

The miracles of Flovia are multiple -- that she lived, that she is such a joy and delight today, and that love for her inspired some faithful dear ones to build an entire ministry of care for the dying and forgotten, for those who the world thinks are past hope.

Here is how my friend Juli describes what Flovia means to the Living Room Ministries and Kimbilio Hospice:

Our other guest for the day was five-year old, Flovia. Although nearly three years have passed since I found this malnourished baby lying on a kitchen floor, I remember it like it was yesterday. For the sake of loving her, our team engaged in a battle we did not initially set out to fight. What started as an isolated situation of creating a treatment center, a home of sorts, for Flovia gave birth to the dream of Living Room. During Saturday's ceremony, David Tarus, a courageous and compassionate Kenyan leader, held Flovia in front of the community and shared about "the God of Flovia." He said that in the Bible there are references to the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac; but in Kipkaren, we refer to and believe in the God of Flovia. Through her life, we have seen God's hand and discovered more of His heart.

On behalf of Flovia and the thousands of others who will find hope at Kimbilio Hospice, thank you for your generous prayers, love and financial support that make this possible.

Here is Flovia on the day we celebrated the opening of the Kimbilio Hospice. Another day when I was enchanted with the significance and miracle of her beautiful, healthy smile.


There are lots of Flovias at Kimbilio now. Many miracles of the world's forgotten, sick, broken children, who are receiving incredible love and care. Even on a day when the country I am in is shaken and swamped by terrible storms, these are miracles worth celebrating. So this is my shameless plug for my friends' good work -- your financial gifts to Kimbilio and Living Room will make more of the world's forgotten children have beautiful, joyful smiles.

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