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B-Fine Women's Project

ImaniWorkshop3.pngRun by Neighbors in Action, in partnership with AMPATH and African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF), the Burnt Forest Initiative for the Empowerment of Women (B-Fine Women) is a clinic that offers diagnosis and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), HIV testing with referral to AMPATH for positives, general gynecology care, family planning counseling, and cervical cancer screening.  The program was designed for HIV risk reduction among the commercial sex workers (CSW) in the Burnt Forest area. However, due to the high demand for gynecology care, the clinic has become a general women's clinic for the entire Burnt Forest community. This has reduced stigma for CSW dramatically and has allowed better access to care. In addition, the project provides training to women within the community, who have become peer counselors. They educate other community members on STI and HIV, and they provide condoms to the local bars and hotels. Finally, a former truck driver is also employed to provide condom education and HIV testing referrals for truck and matatu drivers passing through the town.


**Read an article on a sex worker by IU School of Journalism student here.

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  • $100 - One month salary for a clinic worker for the Burnt Forest Initiative for the Empowerment of Women

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