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AMPATH's well-equipped laboratories offer testing services to support both care and research. Two main laboratories make up AMPATH's laboratory capabilities: the AMPATH Reference/Research Laboratories (ARL) and the AMPATHPlus Care Laboratory. 

The older of the two, ARL, was established in 2004 and consists of seven dedicated labs: Flow Cytometry, Molecular, Immunology, Hematology, Clinical Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Bio-Repository Laboratories.  ARL's primary mandate is to support clinical studies, but it also doubles as a reference laboratory for Kenya and the East Africa region.

The ARL has been instrumental in the advancement of Diagnostic Surgical Pathology. Accurate diagnosis is crucial for selecting optimal therapy and requires immunophenotyping of the malignancy. The Pathology and Immunology faculty at MUSM have successfully developed this capability. In addition, the processing of tissue has improved and filing systems for blocks and slides have been implemented.

The AMPATHPlus Care Laboratory was established in 2014 with the aim of supporting the provision of HIV care and treatment.  It offers three essential HIV testing services: Early Infant Diagnosis, Viral Load, and CD4 testing. Samples from across 10 counties within and beyond AMPATH's catchment area are received and tested at the laboratory with results being available in less than one week. The laboratory is one of the 8 National Molecular testing labs in Kenya. In conjunction with other partners, the Care laboratory also assists and supports in providing training to laboratory staff in key areas, including waste management, Good Clinical Laboratory Practice, and internal audit. 



Dr. Ibrahim I. Daud, PhD

‚ÄčAMPATH Reference/Research Laboratories

P.O Box 4606-30100,

Nandi Road, MTRH Compound, AMPATH Centre, Eldoret, Kenya

Tel: +254 726 487 199 or 


Silvia Kadima

AMPATHPlus Care Lab

P.O Box 4606-30100

Nandi Road, MTRH Compound, AMPATH Centre, Eldoret, Kenya

Tel: +254 720 824 338



The Facts

  • Accreditationof AMPATH lab has been achieved. It is needed for Anatomic Pathology and for the MTRH laboratories.
  • External Quality Controlmaterials are provided to aid in evaluating quality of lab work.
  • Working on funding to send one MUSM pathologist to a US or international pathology meeting each year.
  • Working on financing to enable biopsies to be done in operating room and to pay for immunologic studies.

Your Support Can Provide:

  • $25 -Cost for immunologic study with one antibody. Multiple antibodies may be needed for some patient's malignancies.
  • $100 -Cost for operating room for a surgical biopsy.

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