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Laboratory and Pathology

labPathology1.pngThe AMPATH clinical lab serves as a reference lab for western Kenya and has been working with a number of laboratories through the region to improve the quality of their services.

Diagnostic Surgical Pathology has become very important with the development of the Oncology program. Accurate diagnosis is crucial for selecting optimal therapy and requires immunophenotyping of the malignancy. The Pathology and Immunology faculty at MUSM have developed this capability. In addition the tissue processing has improved and filing systems for blocks and slides have been implemented.

Thin Client Computer Teaching Laboratory for Medical School Anatomy and Pathology:The thin client computer laboratory has 60 stations which work off a central server.  It provides various medical education materials including illustrations, photos, photomicrographs, powerpoint lectures, case studies and practice quizzes. Advantages include: control of content students can access, ease of maintenance, content can be upgraded/changed from Indianapolis, less theft prone, relatively inexpensive.

The Facts

  • Accreditationof AMPATH lab has been achieved. It is needed for Anatomic Pathology and for the MTRH laboratories.
  • External Quality Controlmaterials are provided to aid in evaluating quality of lab work.
  • Working on funding to send one MUSM pathologist to a US or international pathology meeting each year.
  • Working on financing to enable biopsies to be done in operating room and to pay for immunologic studies.

Your Support Can Provide:

  • $25 -Cost for immunologic study with one antibody. Multiple antibodies may be needed for some patient's malignancies.
  • $100 -Cost for operating room for a surgical biopsy.

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