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Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Care

cardio1.pngChronic cardiovascular and pulmonary disease (CVPD) has gone from a relative rarity to a major burden in the developing world and East Africa is at the epicenter of this epidemiological shift. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute has established an overarching network of Centers of Excellence (COE) with an ultimate goal of reducing the burden of non-communicable CVPD in developing nations by enhancing infrastructure and training necessary to conduct innovative and locally-relevant clinical research. Moi University, along with its long-time US medical school partners (Indiana University, Duke University and Brown University) as part of the AMPATH Consortium, is uniquely qualified to establish a COE in Eldoret, Kenya. TheAMPATH Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases Center of Excellence(CVPD COE) will provide a sustainable and ultimately replicable continuous quality improvement environment that decreases CVPD death and disability. 

By building on an existing clinical care and research platform that has successfully responded to the HIV/AIDS epidemic over the past seventeen years (AMPATH - Academic Model Providing Access To Healthcare), the AMPATH CVPD COE is well-positioned to further the understanding of the epidemic of CVPD in the developing world, reduce the burden of health disparities with better screening and prevention, and enhance research tools to share among network participants, so as to quickly impact the current and future lives of East Africans.

To ensure success, the AMPATH CVPD COE will apply its considerable cumulative expertise to: 

  1. Organize an administrative core for CVPD clinical care, training, and research;
  2. Develop and implement a competency-based clinical training curriculum;
  3. Establish a clinical research training program;
  4. Adopt and enhance existing data management and laboratory infrastructure for CVPD; and
  5. Implement research programs to address prevalence, prevention, and treatment.

The Facts

  • The AMPATH Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disease Center of Excellence is well-positioned to further the understanding of CVPD in the developing world.

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