Value Initiative Program

The Kenya Value Initiative Program (VIP) works to increase incomes for microenterprise owners and workers in underserved, conflict-affected, and HIV/AIDS-impacted areas of the Western and Rift Valley provinces of Kenya, primarily through refining the passion fruit value chain. The poor of the AMPATH clients and their communities were targeted for incorporation into the value chain development interventions. AMPATH experience has shown that clients within this target are generally female, with children, minimal education and without a stable source of income. They have lost their social support, source of income (whether farm or business) and health, along with hope. As one of the final steps in implementation of the Value Initiative Program, AMPATH has developed a web-based publication that shares VIP's experiences and highlights learning points on: how to effectively reach vulnerable populations, and how to include them in value chain development approaches as well as the business service market. Click here for the publication.