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dentistry-2.pngIndiana University School of Dentistry (IUSD) began exploring partnership options with Moi University in 2003.  When Moi University School of Dentistry (MUSOD) opened its doors in 2007 plans emerged for developing collaboration with mutually beneficial outcomes.  In June 2010, four IUSD faculty members and three second-year dental students spent three weeks in Eldoret.  Following are the programs that were initiated:

  • Launched community and school-based programs to be continued by MUSOD faculty and students including:
    • Kenya's first school-based dental sealant program using portable dental equipment
    • Conducted a pilot assessment of children's oral health at five sites including 451 children
    • Explored the use of atraumatic restorative technique (Art) in school-based settings using portable dental equipment
  • Launched a pilot study on the effectiveness of autoclaves in Eldoret area dental clinics and private offices to be continued by MUSOD faculty
  • Provided classroom and laboratory teaching for MUSOD students, Moi Medical students on their dental rotation, and grand rounds for hospital and university personnel
  • Launched a system to collect samples, analyze and map Kenya's natural fluoride distribution in cooperation with Nairobi School of Dentistry
  • Laid the groundwork for MUSOD students to visit IUSD annually

Additional faculty members are developing program and education enhancement plans in cooperation with MUSOD.  IUSD looks forward to continuing and growing this partnership.

The Facts

  • A pilot assessment of children's oral health was conducted at 5 sites and included 451 children.

Your Support Can Provide:

  • $25 - A case of toothbrushes for a primary school class.
  • $100 - Complete dental care of 1 child.

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