Our Model

Our Model: Starts with Healthcare

The academic health centers that make up AMPATH are uniquely situated to pursue a tri-partite mission of care, training, and research, three components which are all essential for successfully addressing the short and long-term challenges of global health. While training and research are critically important to our program, AMPATH has always been determined to "lead with care." Care is not only our most pressing obligation when faced with the needs of a horribly under-served population, it is the foundation upon which the necessary training and research is conducted.

AMPATH was created in response to the challenge of providing life-saving care in the face of the HIV pandemic. AMPATH now treats over 180,000 HIV-positive persons, with almost 2,000 new patients being enrolled each month at over 500 clinical sites throughout western Kenya. But, just as importantly, AMPATH has reached over half a million persons through a home-based counseling and testing program that enjoys a 98+% rate of acceptance into the homes it visits, and has been able to lower mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS to lower than 2%. Through prevention and early treatment programs like these, we are demonstrating a community-based effort that can virtually halt the spread of HIV/AIDS.

In partnership with the Kenyan Ministry of Health, AMPATH is expanding from an HIV focus to address the critical needs for primary healthcare, chronic disease care, and specialty care. Ten thousand newborn deliveries will take place each year in the new Riley Mother and Baby Hospital in Eldoret; 12,000 patients visit the new oncology clinic annually; 5,000 patients are enrolled in the program's diabetes outreach; and Centers for Excellence are being developed in cardiovascular disease and mental health.

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