Living Story


As he shuffled into the ENT clinic, Joseph was using both arms to support something under his weathered and dirty coat.  We couldn't help but wonder what he might have in there.  It seemed obvious why he was in the clinic, as a racquet-ball-sized keloid dangled from his left ear, but as he slowly unzipped his coat, it became obvious that he was far more affected by the 18-pound keloid attached by a thin stalk to his left jaw.  He sat in the clinic chair, continuing to support the mass with both hands and glancing nervously around the clinic.  Unable to afford the removal of this benign mass, Joseph had let it grow to an epic size.  Of course, he could not function normally, having to carry this heavy burden at all times.   The next day, Joseph's keloids were removed.  During post op rounds, he was smiling ear to ear.  He had a new lease on life.  He could use his hands and arms normally again, now that they were free of this heavy burden.