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#2: Sharon (Her message to Americans: We love the muzungus!)



Background: Sharon is one of the wonderful kitchen staff at IU House, and she was the first Kenyan I forced my friendship upon here in Eldoret. Since then, I greet her with a spastically excited "HELLO" every time I see her, and I'm pretty sure that on her part, she just deals with my shenanigans.  

"I've worked at IU House for 1 ½ years now, and I love it here. The environment and the company make it better than my previous jobs. I was born in Kapsabet town in Nandi County, and I came to Eldoret in search of a job. I worked in many hotels before coming to IU house, first as a cleaner, and then making snacks. The hours were long there. I have never been outside of Africa, but my dream would be to go to India. I love the food, the Indian people, their music, they movies, everything! I think that I would move there one day, God willing.

But for now, I live in Kipkaren. I love it there because it's quiet and near the town, the hospital, and the schools. I have three kids in primary school now, two boys and one girl. One in Class 7, one in Class 4, and one in Class 3. My dream for them is to grow up, get a good education, find jobs, and most importantly, to know God and serve God. Because my kids are young, I still have to make sure they study at least one hour each night, but one of them actually wakes up at 4AM every day to study! They want to be an accountant, a doctor, and a pilot when they grow up. Sometimes I want to keep them near me, but other times, you have to let them go for their betterment. Besides, if they achieve their dreams and become what they want to be now, I would be very OK with that.

I grew up in a small village with a big family. I had 7 other siblings, and I liked that a lot; it was fun! My parents own a farm where they planted tea, maize, sweet potatos, cassava, and more. My favorite job on the farm was plucking tea, but I hated weeding the maize. I've also learned to milk cow since I was very small, and yes I have been kicked [Yes I asked her this. Yes she laughed a lot]. I see my family maybe 2-3 times a year. My sister is also in Eldoret with me, and she is studying laboratory sciences. I wanted to study medicine when I was young, but it just wasn't possible for me. Here, kids who don't perform well go to college, and universities are the ones that have a higher level of education. Even the teachers there have a different education level. But there are not many scholarships available, and they only go to kids who perform well.

I think this accessibility to resources like schools and hospitals is a problem in Kenya. I think Kenya is the best place to be except for the politics. There is too much corruption, mainly, and misuse of funds. People don't prioritize what they do, and leave important things until it is too late. There are too many children learning under a tree, or travelling long distances to go to school. Some parts of Kenya don't even have water. We need to prioritize these places. The government should look at these places and build things there. Too often, people only look at their home place, and not beyond to all of Kenya. Something needs to change here. The candidates now are not really good. We just need candidates with the people's interest at heart, and we need people to stop voting for their tribe. Kenya is unpredictable, and I am not sure what will happen, but we Kenyans can fix our system. If we Kenyans stand against corruption, we can stop it."


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